Speaker 5: Dr Sr Brit Kayan

Dr Sr Brit Kayan • University of Malaya

Title: Embodied Energy Appraisal and Green Maintenance: A Life Cycle Assessment Approach

It is well accepted that sustainability encapsulated economic, environmental and societal parameters. The efficiency of Facilities Management (FM) in the context of these parameters is embedded in maintenance interventions and embodied energy. Emergently, environmental considerations for repair have become increasingly important and it crucially supports growing area of sustainability. This led to an insight on how embodied energy appraisal in the form of embodied carbon expenditure, based on ‘Green Maintenance’ modelling for buildings repair, practically determine and ultimately substantiate the FM decision making process using life cycle assessment (LCA) approach. The model enables embodied energy appraisal, in terms of embodied carbon expenditure that is expended from different repair techniques and scenarios for buildings during the maintenance phase. Progressively, importance of Green Maintenance in carbon emissions reduction has been recognised. This underpins rationale for low carbon materials and adoption of sustainable repair options for buildings. It must be emphasised that using the model, embodied energy appraisal can be applied to any repair types and building forms. Adoptions of the model, twinned with appropriate LCA approach, will practically supports environmentally focused initiatives and goals for FM business decisions. The implementation of the model also highlights the efficacy of options adopted for maintenance and repair. Moreover, social characteristics of the model leverage key initiatives in terms of environmental parameters by transforming the traditional way of FM operation. Practically, application and testing of the ‘Green Maintenance’ is a rigorous LCA approach to evaluate embodied energy expended from maintenance and repair, generated as Environmental Maintenance Impact (EMI). Significantly, the model relays the ‘true’ carbon cost of repairs, contextualised within the longevity of the materials and its embodied carbon that consequently allows rational appraisal of maintenance and repair options. This will captures the essence of FM sustainability initiatives in the circular economy.

Embodied energy appraisal, Green Maintenance, life cycle assessment, embodied carbon expenditure, sustainable repair, Environmental Maintenance Impact (EMI)

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